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Medical Treatments

You can choose from more than 40 medical treatments. 
Whether you have come for treatment or relaxation, our specialists will advise you of the most beneficial ones for your health.


Treatments with the use of local healing resources

Peat wraps – they help with muscle problems and chronic inflammation and they contribute to a total relaxation of organism. Find out more.

Carbon dioxide baths - they have a very good influence on your heart, vessels and chronic disorders, even including rheumatic pain. Find out more.

Drinking cure - mineral water, that bubbles out directly in Palace I, has overall beneficial effects. The doctor will assess your health condition and advise you with taking it. Find out more.

Dry baths – the carbon dioxide we use in the baths is beneficial for the vessel and nervous system and it relieves muscles. Find out more.

Gas injections - carbon dioxide is applied under the skin, it improves the blood supply of the treated area and it relieves stiff muscles. Find out more.




Pearl baths – a bath full of bubbles will relax you nicely and it also will accelerate recovery after illnesses, injuries and surgeries.

Whirlpool baths - they are carried out in baths with nozzles which are settled in order to make the stream massage problematic body parts. This leads to warming, blood supply and total relaxation.

Sulfur additive baths - hydrogen sulfide penetrates the organism and relieves the muscles, functions against the pain, alleviates inflammations and evokes psychic well-being.

Treading baths - in turns you are treading warm and cold water and thanks to this your feet get nicely blood supplied to them. The treatment is also called Kneipp´s bath and amongst other things it helps in recovery.

Therapeutic exercise in a swimming pool - this activity is for those who cannot exert themselves. Water buoys you, therefore you do not burden the joints. The exercise is easier than on land, but still it is very effective.

Swimming - thanks to free entrance to the swimming pool you can afford one of the healthiest movements as often as you wish.



Physiotherapeutic treatments

Reflexology massage -the physiotherapist performs specific touches by which he affects the nerve fibers and through them he influences muscle tissue and inner organs. The massages alleviate many illnesses.

Reflexology massage of soles - your soles contain thousands of nerve endings which reflect organs of our body. During the massage individual points are pressed which helps your body and soul.

Laser therapy - laser acts as a bio-stimulator. In the place of irradiation the light beam gives the cells energy and stimulates their division. By this a wide range of healing processes is run.

Ultrasound - thanks to ultrasound the treated area has increased blood supply, relieved from tension which leads to pain relief.

Magnetotherapy - during the therapy by pulsed magnet, intercellular transport of ions is influenced. What effect does it have? Wounds are healed better, the inflammations, edemas and pain are retreated.

Individual exercise - under the supervision of the physiotherapist you undergo exercise which is suitable just for you. You will learn the whole set of exercises so you can continue with them when you return home.

Group exercise in a gym – this health exercise is led by a physiotherapist who sees to if you  do the exercise right.



Infrasauna with salt crystals

  • You will be effected by infrared radiation which apart from your body surface will also warm the tissue. This brings many beneficial effects.

  • During this treatment for example the muscles are relieved, the pressure is adjusted, it will help you with losing weight and cellulite, it alleviates skin problems, gets rid of stress and even detoxifies. In the infrared cabin you really intensively relax.

  • Moreover, minerals are released from the salt crystals in the air which will be appreciated mainly by those with respiration problems.

  • Another advantage? The air around you does not become warm, therefore even people, who are recommended not to go to a classic sauna, can go to infrasauna.


Other special treatments

Classical massage - during this massage total muscle relaxation and stimulation of blood circulation is carried out. It alleviates headaches, absorption of edemas can happen. And it surely improves your mood.

Honey massage – the therapist spreads warmed up honey on your back and massages it into your skin. Thanks to this the harmful substances which accumulate in your body and weaken the immunity system come out.

Underwater massage - you lie down in a warm bath and a therapist will massage you with water flow. The tension will be relieved, pain and muscle fatigue will retreat. The appearance of scars and cellulite can improve.

Paraffin wrap - you immerse your hands into a warm mixture of paraffin wax and oil. And the result? The pain of small joints will be reduced, muscle tension will be relieved and the tissue nutrition will be improved.

Manual lymphatic drainage - during this massage the lymph is stimulated in order to flush out toxins. Then the tissue regenerates, immunity improves, hormones adjust, edemas and cellulite are reduced.

Machine lymphatic drainage - we´ll dress you up in special trousers legs which cause a slight pressure. It accelerates the lymph´s flow and gets rid of toxins in the body. Edemas, the feeling of heavy legs and cellulite are reduced.

Oxygen therapy - you inhale oxygen and thanks to this the tissue and organs are perfectly nourished. The physical and mental performance increases, the treatment has a positive effect on brain functions.

See the complete list of treatments in the price list.




Basic treatments - flat price Extra treatments - extra pay

Carbon dioxide baths mineral baths

Pearl baths

Underwater massage

Whirlpool herb baths

Peat wraps

Therapeutic group exercise in a swimming pool


Dry carbon dioxide baths of legs

Dry carbon dioxide baths of the whole-body

Vitamin injections

Oxygen therapy

Peat baths

Manual lymphatic drainage

Machine lymphatic drainage of legs

Laser therapy

Reflexology massage of soles

Classical massage of the whole-body

Honey massage

Aroma massage of the whole-body

Aroma massage (partial)

Chocolate massage

Sulfur additive baths

Aroma bath


Infrared light


Final medical report


Extra treatments - flat price

Gas injections

Whirlpool baths of arms or legs

Treading baths


Classical massage (partial)

Hand massage

Reflexology massage

Paraffin wrap

Individual exercise




Group exercise in a gym