Lázeňský dům Palace I ve Františkových Lázních hodnocení
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Natural Healing Resources

Discover our local natural curative resources. During the treatments the peat from Františkovy Lázně, mineral water and healing gas will have a great effect on you. Their effects on human health are amazing.




The whole area of Františkovy Lázně is rich in its presence of healing peat, which is used above all for wraps.

Peat wraps

  • During the wrap you will warm up intensively and thanks to this the muscular tension drops and the pain retreats. Besides this, the minerals the peat contains, are absorbed by the skin further into the body, they assist in chronic inflammation and help you to totally relax.
  • Just for curiosity: the peat was made from reed, which has overgrown the whole Cheb basin since the end of the Ice Age. This layer was fed by minerals from local springs - mainly compounds of sulfur and iron.


Peat wrap

Mineral water

Natural mineral springs from the Františkovy Lázně area contain a high amount of carbon dioxide, therefore they are suitable for carbon dioxide baths and drinking cures.

Carbon dioxide baths

  • When taking the carbon dioxide bath you immerse into pleasantly warm water and the carbon dioxide will gradually absorb into your body. It has a very good influence on your heart and vessels. It also helps in chronic inflammation, including rheumatic pain.
  • We use water from the nearby spring Nový kostelní (New church), which we gently warm to a prescribed 33 - 34 °C.

Drinking cure

  • Directly in front of Palace I you can draw healing mineral water, which is a compound of springs Glauber III and Nový kostelní (New church).

  • The drinking cure has a wide range of health effects, the important thing is, though, that the doctor decides on the frequency and amount of the drunk water.



Curative gas

We use carbon dioxide not only for mineral baths, but also for dry carbon dioxide baths and gas injections.

Dry baths

  • In a dry bath you are wrapped up to your waist or neck in a bag, which is filled with carbon dioxide. The gas has favorable effects on the vascular and nervous system, diabetes and osteoporosis. During the bath, the muscles are relaxed, the edemas are alleviated, it further helps with cellulite, migraine, insomnia and it even returns sexual appetite.

    The advantage is, that anyone can undergo this procedure, even those, who cannot go through a classic bath because of e.g. varicose veins.

Gas injections

  • We apply carbon dioxide under the skin. There it spreads, improves blood flow in the whole area and thanks to this it relieves muscular spasms. However, it cannot be given to the patients who take blood thinning medication.