Lázeňský dům Palace I ve Františkových Lázních hodnocení
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Spa Treatment Stays

Do you have heart, vessels or musculoskeletal system problems?
Spa treatment will help you. After its completion you will feel much better both physically and mentally.

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You can stay only 1 week, but doctors recommend 3 - 4 weeks for a better effect. During the whole stay we provide quality spa care and maximum comfort.

What do we offer?

  • You will be in the care of experienced doctors and nurses who are available 24 hours a day. If you needed anything or you don´t feel well you can contact our medical staff.
  • At the beginning you undergo an entry medical examination, on the basis of which our specialist assembles your individual treatment plan. Every other week a medical control examination follows.
  • You will get to know the power of our natural curative resources which are sulphurous-ferric peat, natural curative gas, mineral water and clean healthy air.
  • You will undergo up to 22 procedures a week. Look from which treatments with a fixed price the doctor will assemble for your individual programme.
  • We will do everything for you to feel as well as possible in our hotel. We have been taking care of patients with bloodstream and musculoskeletal system disorders for more than 20 years and we also have rich experiences with spa stays for seniors. (See indication below.)
  • All our clients have free entry to the swimming pool with slightly salty water, gym and a small fitness studio. In our spa there is also an infrasauna with salt crystals, a hairdresser´s, pedicure, manicure and cosmetics.
  • We offer comfortable accommodation in 3 spa houses. If you choose Palace I, you will have treatments, the swimming pool and mineral spring under one roof. Therefore, you can go to your procedures and relax comfortably in a bathrobe. In Palace II the atmosphere is more intimate and in Belaria we offer the most luxurious rooms.
  • The spa houses are situated in the centre of Františkovy Lázně in a peaceful area. Near the houses there are colonnades and forest parks, the terrain is easy, ideal for walks and Nordic walking.


Choose the stay

Spa treatment stays

Treatment indications

  • Classical spa treatment stays all-inclusive

See details in the price list.

  • Treatment of heart disorders

  • Treatment of the blood circulation and musculoskeletal system

  • Treatment of arthrosis and arthritis, various etiology in non-acute stage

  • Methabolic arthropathy