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Bonuses, Discounts and Gift Vouchers

1. Discounts for treatment and wellness stays

We offer an interesting discount for some spa stays.



  • Classical treatment week  all inclusive

When you stay at least 21 days, you obtain a discount  of 125,-Kč/day.

  • Active regenerative and treatment stay for a whole week
  • Long spa relaxation weekend

When you stay 4 and more days you get a 25% discount on treatments bought according to the advice of the doctor and discount 6€ a day.


2. Fidelity Bonuses

Do you come repeatedly for a 14 - 21 days classical treatment stay? As a thank you you can obtain an attractive bonus.

  • For the 3rd stay you obtain 1 supplementary package of treatments* or 10% discount in our café.

  • For the 4th stay you obtain 1 supplementary package of treatments * and 10% discount in our café.
  • For the 5th and every other treatment stay you obtain 2 supplementary packages of treatments for free and 10% discount in our café.

*What is a supplementary package of treatments? It is always the same treatment which you obtain once up to 8 times depending on how long your stay is. The doctor will help you with your choice. We offer these packages:

3-week treatment stay

2-week treatment stay

5x laser therapy

3x machine lymphatic drainage

4x oxygen therapy

4x dry carbon dioxide bath - full body

8x vitamin injection

5x inhalation

3x sulfur additive bath

5x infrared light

3x laser therapy

1x machine lymphatic drainage

2x  oxygen therapy

2x dry carbon dioxide bath - full body

4x vitamin injection

3x inhalation

1x sulfur additive bath

3x infrared light

3. Extra bonus

Have you completed 10 classic treatment stays for the length of 14 - 21 days? You will obtain a voucher for 1 week free, which you can use for your next stay.

4. Gift vouchers

Are you looking for an original gift? We offer gift vouchers for accommodation and treatments. The value and content of the treatment or relaxation package is chosen by you after consulting with us and thanks to that you will please the donee as much as possible.