Lázeňský dům Palace I ve Františkových Lázních hodnocení
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Wellness Stays

Do you feel tired and overworked? Enjoy one of our weekend wellness stays and you´ll see that even in a short time you can relax intensively. Why choose us?

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  • We are not just a common wellness hotel but first of all a registered medical facility where people come not only to relax but mainly for medical treatment. Our staff´s education and high quality of services correspond to this.
  • You´ll find out what favourable effects our local natural curative resources, that is sulphurus-ferric peat, natural healing gas, mineral water and clean healthy air, have.
  • In the price of a relaxing stay included are chosen treatments, drinking cure, entry to the swimming pool with slightly salty water, gym and a small fitness studio.
  • If you are interested, our doctor will advise you which other treatments are suitable for you. Then you can buy them with 25% discount.
  • You can also ask for advice from our nurses who are available to our clients for advice 24 hours a day and of course they will also help in case you do not feel well.
  • You can visit the infrasauna with salt crystals, there is also a hairdresser´s, pedicure, manicure and cosmetics available.
  • We offer comfortable accommodation in 3 spa houses. If you choose Palace I, you will have treatments, the swimming pool and mineral spring under one roof. Therefore, you can go to your procedures and relax comfortably in a bathrobe. In Palace II the atmosphere is more intimate and in Belaria we offer the most luxurious rooms.
  • Our spa houses are situated in a quiet area of the centre of Františkovy Lázně. Near us you will find colonnades and forest parks where tourist and cycling tracks start.


Choose from 3 wellness stays:



  • Active regenerative and treatment stay for a whole week

  • Spa relaxation weekend

  • Long relaxation weekend

  • If you prefer other treatments than the ones we offer you in the packages, choose the hotel stay. This stay is without treatments but you can buy them. Our nurses will help you with your choice of treatment.
For more information about all stays see the price list.